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You will find a variety of creations in the Hallows that are almost always one of a kind. 


Tour our unique jewelry selections which stay true to the designer's inspiration, respect and admiration for every season.


We offer sumptuously layered nature-inspired pieces that you'll
see nowhere else. Find your dream wedding jewelry or everyday pieces at affordable prices. 


No matter what you choose, you'll be wearing a piece of art, designed by hand and crafted with love. 


About the Artist

I respect and I am inspired by every season. Autumn happens to be my muse. Growing up in New England, the Fall season has always made a deep impression on me which fuels my designs. Jewelry design is one of my favorite creative endeavors and I truly enjoy every facet of the process. I believe I am passionate about this type of design, in particular, because I am a figurative artist, and jewelry is meant to move and work with the body. 

My other passions include painting/drawing and teaching art-I am currently a full-time art educator. I strive to make unique 'wearable art' that will speak to each and every client. Hopefully, you will find the design you have been longing for today!

To learn more about Jackie's drawings and paintings, please visit her studio artist website here.

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